Vegetarian Nutrition 101

Learn the basics of transitioning to a vegetarian eating plan. Objectives include learning acceptable ranges of protein/carbohydrate/fat consumption, what are the best sources of each, and if supplements are needed. Myths related to getting enough protein, iron, calcium, and vitamin B12 will be busted!


I am the owner/operator of Marquette Nutrition & Fitness. I am a registered & licensed dietitian as well as certified health fitness specialist (through the American College of Sports Medicine) and a USA Fit Certified Running Coach. I currently teach nutrition & fitness classes, and I also see clients individually. I specialize in celiac, food allergies, polycystic ovarian syndrome, vegetarian & sports nutrition.


I'm vegetarian and worried about what I eat. I also worry about eating food that comes out of a can or a box. I work and seem to have little time to fix food. Ack! Help!


I have a hard time committing to exercise or proper nutrition but I hope that I can avoid putting on more weight by learning more about healthy/different ways to eat.


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