The Mini Hand-Bound Sketchbook

If you have never made a book before and want to dip your toe in, this is the perfect place. You will learn how to stitch your own book together and how to add a hard cover.

I will provide paper and matte board for the book. You will need to bring some tools so we can get right into assembling when you get there.

You will need:

Book-Cloth- 1 sheet to cover your matte board
Bone Folder (I have one that can be shared, but this is a handy tool to have)
Binders Thread
Binders Needle
brush for glue

Watch the preview video:


I have an MFA from San Francisco State University. I love photography, bookmaking and handmade things.


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Mose Vera
4 months ago

Discover three traditional French meals that are found in every French family's repertoire. They are perfect meals to warm up a Michigan winter:
- Boeuf Bourguignon, the traditional beef stew prepared with red wine
- Gratin Dauphinois, potato dish with cream and topped with Gruyere Cheese gratin
- Apple Tart with Apricot Glaze
I am proud to announce the release of my game - Slope Game. A casual endless running game.

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