Sketching as communication - sketch session

This will be an informal meetup for people who want to get better at sketching. We will share tips and tricks that we've learned to try to all learn a little something new. Bring a sketchbook and some idea of what you'd like to learn how to draw or doodle.

I'm interested in sharing techniques, answering questions, and learning more about anything related to the following:

1. Sketching products - from toasters to cars
2. Taking sketch notes - tips on capturing presentations and conversations
3. Sketching as communication - getting ideas out of my head and onto paper in a manner that can be easily shared and understood

All are welcome to this class, and please bring something to draw on! I'll have a few extra supplies as well and I'll be bringing a few resources and inspirational books to share with everyone.


I was trained in Industrial Design and Interaction Design,and I use sketching almost daily as a means of communication. I've also been drawing cars since I could hold a crayon.


I am currently a student studying advertising design. I enjoy eating, dreaming, learning, making, growing, and cats.


Me: I make things. Methods: draw, paint, sculpt, etch, adobe. Aim: To experience and hopefully inspire.


Co-founder @HourSchool. Alumni @ac4d. Holler @rubyku!


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Urs Bucher
about 1 year ago

The Art Career Project organized by the agency of sketch artists and students will start in January 2021. Anyone willing to join, please contact me, an essay writer for hire my pro papers page directly.

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Alex Pappas
over 9 years ago

I'm posted up at a table outside, wearing a red and white checkered shirt... it also appears there will be a band. Oh Austin...

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