Laser Etched Notebook

from Women.Design.Build


Who doesn't love a good Moleskine notebook? And even better, one that is custom designed by you?!

In this Laser Etched Notebook workshop, we'll be etching the covers of Moleskine Legendary notebooks with a design of your choosing! You'll get to choose between plain, ruled, or graph paper: all have a flexible heavy-duty cardboard cover with visible stitching on the spine and acid free paper. The last 16 sheets are detachable and there is even a pocket for loose notes!

All materials are included in the cost of this workshop. No previous design, computer or tool experience necessary. If you'd like, you can email your designs to prior to the workshop.

Walk away with a souvenir of both beauty and organizational prowess!


Kristen Von Minden (Dartmouth ‘02 / Harvard Graduate School of Design ‘09) and Eve Trester-Wilson (UT Austin ‘03 / ‘04) are two friends trained as architects with a passion for making–but are also fierce knitters, furniture fanatics, card makers, DIY enthusiasts, craft lovers, etsy shoppers, apartment therapy blog subscribers, artists, potters, welders, metal sculptors, graphics geeks, calligraphers, independent inventors and avid tinkerers with an interest in community and supporting local business. Together Eve and Kristen founded and operate MAKEatx: a member-based workshop where Austinites can pursue their diverse interests and activities independently and creatively.


I'm Whitney. I'm from Dallas and I work in Finance. Boring. I'm also on the Board of Women.Design.Build. Not boring! We're an organization in ATX that empowers women through design and construction activities in the community. Want to know how to use a nail gun, change a flat tire, make a cutting board, construct a planter box, design a cardboard light fixture, brew beer, build a deck, blow glass, fix a bike? Ask me because I know how to do all of these things and I learned through Women.Design.Build.


I am a designer and lifelong learner looking to beef up my creative thinking, UX, and interaction design skills.


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seoo seoo
10 months ago

I like your post. It is good to see you verbalize from the heart and clarity on this important subject...

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Haadi ga
almost 2 years ago

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Andrew Caldwell
about 2 years ago

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